Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June/July 2018 - 3 Countries in 37 Days - China, Indonesia (Bali), and Singapore

Back in January I was watching/searching for another opportunity to return to China (my 5th trip to China in 9 years) so that I could share the fun I have traveling there with Dana (who would be making her first China trip) and accomplish another “bucket list” adventure: taking China's high speed train from Shanghai to the southern border city of Guangzhou (in 2009 I enjoyed traveling on the high speed from Guangzhou to Wuhan – as it was not yet complete to Shanghai). So I felt fortunate when I found an “open jaw” summer trip when Dana could join me -- from Portland to Shanghai and returning from Singapore to Los Angeles for $576 each on United Airlines new 787 aircraft.

And with some relatively inexpensive Air Asia flights from Guangzhou to Bali and back to Singapore – I had the bookends of this 37 day adventure that started today – June 25, 2018. It's my 6th Bali adventure and Dana's 3rd since I first visited Bali in October 2015. It should be clear that we love Bali - especially the north shore beach-sidevillages that are commonly and collectively referred to as Amed – even though we never actually stay in the town of Amed.

So, this morning – June 25 – Dana and I flew from Portland to San Francisco (a 2 hour flight) and are currently about half way through the 13 hour flight from San Francisco to Shanghai. We were lucky to get all three center seats to ourselves – and have been enjoying the wonderful leg room and comfortable seats of United's 787 aircraft.

For those who usually ask – Shanghai is 15 hours ahead of Portland/San Francisco time – so we left San Francisco at about 1:20pm on Monday, June 25 – and will arrive Shanghai at about 5:25pm on Tuesday, June 26 after the 13 hour flight.

As always, I'm not sure how much blogging I will do – but we'll definitely post photo links here. A general outline of the trip is this:

June 25 – Portland to Shanghai
June 26-29 – In Shanghai (Airbnb)
June 30 – 6 hour high speed train from Shanghai to Guangzhou
June 30-July 3 – Guangzhou
July 3 – Fly to Bali (airport connection in Kuala Lumpur)
July 29 – Fly to Singapore
Aug 1 – Fly nonstop from Singapore to Los Angeles (again United 787)