Friday, October 5, 2018

Trip Blogging Gives Way to Instagram

I have owned my personal website ( domain name and been an avid blogger for about 15 years -- always writing for my own enjoyment/re-reading more than any other purpose.  I still enjoy reading my old blogs as they remind me of the details of my travel experiences.  However, over time I've learned that while I enjoyed blogging when traveling solo, it is more burdensome than fun when traveling with Dana.  So after a few unsatisfying attempts to add narrative content to my shared photo albums -- Dana and I decided to create a joint Instagram account in which we would attempt to select special photos to represent our travel experiences.  The account is  So, while I expect to continue to use this blog site when I feel like being more verbose or just have thoughts I want to share (like this one on my vagabond addiction), please also follow us on Instagram.