Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Noel's Solo Trip to Switzerland and Greece

I'm off feeding my vagabondness with a 24 day trip equally split between southern Switzerland (the Italian speaking canton Ticino where my paternal ancestors are from, where I continue to stay in touch with cousins there, and where I have visited many times) and Greece (first time).

The trip started as many do -- with me finding an incredibly cheap airline ticket flying roundtrip from Los Angeles to Zurich -- for $316 cash value of Chase credit card points.  The flights from Zurich to/from Greece were $119 and $134, respectively.

August 28/29 - comfortable Delta flights from Los Angeles with a connection in Atlanta - departing 8:45am on August 28 and arriving Zurich at 8:45am on August 29.  I then picked up a rental car at the Zurich airport and drove 3 hours over (and through - many tunnels) the Swiss Alps to Gordevio -- a still small village within a dead-end valley known as Valle Maggia.  I've written before about my roots here in Gordevio - here is a good overview.  I've posted photos from today on Instagram here.

I'll be staying at a cousin's home here in Gordevio until September 9 when I'll fly to Athens.